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Date added: 16/03/2016 The sound of silence

My three girls on their first day of school 2016

Well, we are 8 weeks in to our first school term of all three girls at school.  Despite looking forward to this year for a very long time, I think it’s taken me as long as it has them to adjust! Ruby has slotted right into school, as I’m guessing the third child does when they’ve been visiting the school daily for the past 4 years.

So, 8 weeks in and what I have I learnt now that I have all three children at school? Well…


  • My house is very quiet – I can actually hear birds singing
  • I actually have time to do things
  • My supermarket shopping experience is so different – it no longer needs to be cut short due to a mad dash to the toilet
  • I can clean the house and it stays clean (until 3.35pm anyway!)
  • I’m feeling more organised and my head is (a little) clearer
  • The dog and the cat are getting way more attention, and maybe more cuddles too ;)
  • I’m actually managing to hang out two loads of washing, mop the floor, and get some cupcakes in the oven by 10am AND I get to lick the beaters!


  • My house is very quiet – I’m missing the continuous singing and chatting of my little one
  • I (still) have nowhere near enough time to everything – 9am to 3.30pm absolutely FLIES by!
  • My supermarket shopping experience is so different – I haven’t bagged my own mushrooms for years, I’ve always had a little helper
  • I’m missing my shadow who helps me clean, Ruby is a top sweeper!
  • No matter how organised I think I am, after school activities always have me in a fluster
  • I’m grasping at straws for affection, I’m learning to squeeze my girls a little longer at school drop-off so I can manage 6 and ½ hours without them
  • This ‘licking the beaters’ thing is not very helpful to the waistline

I still feel that I haven’t really relaxed into this transition in my life – I can’t just sit down and read a book or be lazy, I’m forever looking for something to do. I’m sure this will relieved feeling will come in good time – once I feel like I’ve finally caught up on the last 9 years of being a mother!

Overall, I am amazed at how much I am missing the girls during the day, but I’m also appreciating the time I have with them after school more than I ever have.

I remember when Molly was a baby and most people over the age of 50 would say ‘enjoy this time, it goes so fast’. I would smile politely and think to myself something along the lines of ‘I wish it would hurry up so I could have 8 hours sleep again’. Now, almost 10 years on, I get it. It DOES fly. It feels like yesterday that I was home with two toddlers and a baby and now all my babies are at school. It’s time for me to appreciate what I have and enjoy every moment.


With my baby on her first day of school 2016


Kate x



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