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Date added: 20/10/2014 The great washing machine debate: top loader v. front loader

WARNING: This post is purely based on a first world problem.

However, it’s quite possibly a problem confronting many families out there and I need some help :)


We recently moved house. It was horrible. The packing. The unpacking. The boxes. The general mess. Especially for someone like me… a generally ‘tidy’ person. But now, 4 weeks on, our new house is fabulous and *almost* unpacked. We just need to do the toy room/kids living room but I’m kind of hoping the kids might wake up one morning and do it themselves… wishful thinking, I know!

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The only major disaster resulting from our house move is our poor over-used washing machine. It’s getting close to 15 years old. It was originally my brother’s, and then we bought it off him 10 years ago. I realised a couple of years ago that we should look at getting a new washing machine. After all, it’s a 4.5 kilogram machine. Yes, 4.5kgs. For 5 people. That’s a LOT of washing cycles over the course of the week. That’s one set of bed sheets AT A TIME.

Anyway, someone was on my side as the washing machine has somehow lost its alignment during the move (I really can’t explain it any better than that, and as we only actually moved 485 metres, maybe it’s just tired…). It no longer senses when it’s full of water. Cue an overflowed washing machine. Since we’ve moved into this new house we have flooded - or ‘floated’, as Ruby says- our laundry at least 14 times.

IMAGE: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/130534089173681786/

So begins the great hunt for the new washing machine. So begins the massive question confronting me right now – do we go top loader (as we have always had) or front loader???? HELP!!

The only thing I know for sure about our new washing machine, is that it must operate better than the dreaded twin-tub machine I had during my University days. Oh, and a larger machine would be nice too. All the other functions are just confusing me. Surely it can’t be such a big decision, but seriously, I’m losing sleep over it!!

Here’s what is on my wishlist:

  • A minimum 8kg washing machine
  • A machine that will allow me to open it within the first 15 minutes of it starting so that I can throw that lonely sock/t-shirt/pair of undies etc. that I found under a bed or on the bathroom floor
  • The capability to have a fast wash (you know, for those ‘oh my God there are no clean school uniforms for tomorrow and I need this to dry tonight!!!’ emergencies)
  • Preferably a minimum 4 star water and energy rating

While we're on 'wishful' products, this would be perfect:


IMAGE: http://funnyasduck.net/post/34936


So, tell me folks, is a front loader worth it or should I stick to a regular top loader? All degrees of advice welcome and appreciated!

Kate x



20/10/2014, 13:16

"A tip loader for sure Kate l couldn't handle all that bending down to load and unload yuck good luck xx "

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