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Date added: 11/02/2015 How can it be February already?

I had to sign a few documents this morning and couldn't believe I was signing the date as 11/2/2015 - when did that happen?! How can we almost be half way through the second month of the year? Time really does go faster when you get old!

Life feels like it's only just getting sorted in the Whale Spout house. The year began with me getting my wisdom teeth out in early January (note to self: don't ever have surgery again while the children are on school holidays...), which effectively wiped out the following two weeks. Then that last week before school went back was spent running around wildly trying to get everything ready for the start of the new school and kinder year.

Finally, on 29 January, we were ready. Molly began Grade 3, Grace started Grade 1, and Miss Ruby commenced 4 year old kinder ('big kinder'!).


Kinder kid, Grade 1 student & Grade 3 student


Me with my girls (I may have been as excited as they were!)


Daddy with his 3 girls

After all the happy snaps we were off. We don't have to go very far, we live extremely close to school. The girls took off in front of my husband and I. Then they grabbed each others hands and stuck side by side. Hubby and I looked at each other and without speaking, we knew the other was thinking 'well, they don't really need us now, do they/!'. It was a moment of pure pride!


This just melts my heart!

We made it! There were lots of nerves and loads of excitement, and all three drop-offs went really well. Another school year has begun, and it won't be long before my littlest blondie will be wearing that green uniform too.

Here's hoping that you and your children all have a wonderful year at school and kinder in 2015!


Kate x





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