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Date added: 05/12/2014 A big day in the BIG city

I recently realised that, despite two of my three children being born in bustling Fitzroy, right in the heart of inner-city Melbourne, they really are 'small town country girls'! Molly and Grace had a curriculum day at school, so my Mum and I decided to make the most of it and take the three girls to Melbourne for the day.

The excitement began well before I expected it - on the platform waiting for the train! They were so eagerly checking if it was arriving, I was worried they would fall onto the tracks. With this being Grace and Ruby's first train rides, the elation was bubbling over. We found our seats and Ruby whispered to me (in that way that 4 year old's whisper louder than they actually speak) in quite a terrified tone 'Mum, there are no seat belts!'. After some explaining we settled in and enjoyed the traffic free ride.

Love Grace's face, this was her expression most of the day!

Once we arrived at Southern Cross station, the journey continued on a tram up Bourke Street (queue: more excitement!!) to Myer. Quite simply, the Myer windows are just breathtaking, and watching your children take it in is pure joy. The girls were captivated by the story of 'Santa and the Three Bears', the mechanics, the baby bear, the props and just how real-like it was.


'This bed is too hard!!' - Santa



Ruby was captivated by the baby bear, even when he was busy scratching his bottom!        



Three very happy girls :)           

After the Myer windows, we headed into Myer and climbed up the 6 flights on escalators with, you guessed it, even more excitement! We reached the Giftorium and even my Mum and I were amazed: stunning decorations, Christmas carols, gifts for everyone, helpful staff and the most festive atmosphere.


Beautiful decorations in the Giftorium.



Grace was thrilled with this dancing and rapping Santa (no Christmas carols here!)

I was expecting the queue for Santa to be very long and tiring, however we timed it perfectly. Just as we lined up two entertainers came along and started their performance. The girls loved it, dancing along and joining in the One Direction/Christmas songs that the knew. The performers received their largest applause when they sang Frozen's 'Let It Go', and all the Giftorium staff and Santa's Elves joined in!

Ruby was quite worried about seeing Santa, and was not even confident enough to knock on his door. But once we walked in, the girls handed Santa their letters to him and he opened and read them all. Within a few minutes Ruby was putty in his hand and she willingly climbed up onto his lap!! WIN!! I'm thrilled to finally have a Santa photo of three happy girls and the loveliest Santa.


WIN! A Santa photo with all 3 girls smiling!!



After the official photo they got to play around and did this 'magic' photo.

Myer and Santa was such a lovely experience and the girls were on a high. I was thrilled to have finally experienced a positive Santa photo and with the whole interaction Santa had with the girls - it was so lovely!

After lunch and before we left the city we had to wander around the arcades and see all the decorations. We came across the divine Babushka's (http://babushkas.com.au) in the Royal Arcade and their stunning Christmas shop. Despite having to firmly grip some wandering hands, we were in awe of their intricate hand-made decorations and bought a handmade bird that was made in Poland for each of the girls.


Babushka's in the Royal Arcade



More beauty in the Block Arcade



The Royal Arcade

Waiting for the tram to take us back to Southern Cross with three very tired girls, we were again amazed at the beauty of the Christmas decorations. Melbourne, you have put on a divine Christmas celebration and should be extremely proud!


Bourke Street mall

A wonderful day in the BIG city, and we will have to make it an annual tradition. Thank you Melbourne!

Kate x


P.S. Please note that this post was not sponsored.



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